Camino Tour update – proposed prices etc

I have had some figures back from my travel agent – and will post more details on the Camino Tour forum.

Essentially, the travel agent is suggesting a two tired price structure; US$2,950 for the PGS family for 14 nights, hotel accommodation, meals and private van support. This is close to cost price.

For others, it’s US$3,950.

He’s suggesting that we limit the PGS numbers to 6 with 15 on the tour in total.

I will lead the group, which will include Sister Clare, along with my wife Jennifer. Sister Clare will provide Centering prayer sessions, and counselling if requested, and I will do a daily photographic tutorial, and will give camera/photo advice during the walk.

Jennifer will be on hand to discuss PGS and other esoteric things!

The tour will go from Porto through to Santiago – approximately 240kms. It will most probably be 1st or 2nd week of April, 2014

Check the forum for more details –


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11 thoughts on “Camino Tour update – proposed prices etc

  1. Hi Bill, I am usually reading your blog and quietly enjoying all the comments and thoughts that are shared. Just thought feedback on pricing would be useful.
    You are offering this trip at an excellent price. I had looked at a number of tours offered by groups out of England and the USA before I decided to do the walk on my own and i think your price is much lower than most I have seen. You will have people lining up to join you. You are also offering some thing I have not seem in most other tours, a spiritual resource and an opportunity to learn from a professional film-maker.
    Hope you enjoy the adventure you are opening up for yourself and many others with this tour. If I wasn’t walking next month I would be signing on for next year.
    Enjoy and keep blogging, can’t wait to hear how things go.


  2. Hi Bill,

    As you already know, I am very interested.

    Planning and saving have begun! Ultreia ——>



    • Hi Julie –

      Are you in?

      If so go to the forum and put your name down.

      Re the six PGS – that’s what the travel agent is saying for me to make some money out of this – so let’s just see how it falls. He wants to market within his network, because he’s conducted spiritual tours before to Brazil etc.

      I hope we do fill the 6 PGS spots, and we have more wanting to go – in which case if there’s room we’ll accommodate them.



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