Yesterday my body rejected me!

I leave today.

Yesterday, my body rejected me. It didn’t want to go. So, you know what it did?

I woke up with a chest infection, an eye infection, my knee so sore I could barely stand, and I had tooth ache.

Ha ha! I thought. I know what’s going on here. I’ve been so damn fit and healthy these last several months, why do I now come down with these ailments just before I’m about to leave?

Because my body is chicken shit.

It doesn’t want to go walking in the rain and snow for 35 days. It wants to stay home and eat what remaining Easter eggs it can find.

Bugger that.

So, I had some Vitamin C powder, I did some yoga stretches, I went out on my last training hike, only 8kms, and I told my body to back off and behave. And by last night, it had.

The chest and eye infections had retreated, my tooth no longer ached, and the yoga fixed my knee.

This morning, I leave Mudgee for Sydney, then this time tomorrow I’m on the plane, and some 40 hrs later I’ll be in St. Jean Pied de Port.

Now, I’m just going to repack my backpack, and weigh it again…

4 thoughts on “Yesterday my body rejected me!

  1. just back from camino not for long. wanting to go back straight away. please say hello to the wind on the camino, and St. James in Santiago Cathedral! Magicals does happen!


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